Down for the Four Count

by The Upside

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released May 24, 2011

Jason Small - Vocals/Guitar Shawn Richardson - Guitar Produced/engineered/mixed/additional instrumentation by Roger Lima at the Moathouse. Mastered by Derron Nuhfer. Drums by Jake Crown. Art by Zach Tuttle.




The Upside Gainesville, Florida

The Upside formed in 2011 and released the "Down for the Fount Count" EP, a blast of catchy, aggressive pop-punk produced by Less Than Jake's Roger Lima. This was followed by 2012's "It All Feels Like an Ending" produced by Rob McGregor (Hot Water Music, Against Me!). 2013's "Look the Other Way" sees The Upside expanding their sound while refining their unique blend of punk and alternative rock. ... more

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Track Name: Worst Day
I don't believe you when you're asking for it. Cause I don't see you like you do. I don't believe it when you tell me you're no good. Break it up and knock it off. Every night you form an opinion of an injury to make your summer whole. When a cry goes out in Alachua we all respond by screaming oh: I don't believe you. Cause even on your worst day you're better than anybody could be on any other day. And that's why I don't believe you. Break it out and take it off. This burden that you're bearing, And I would carry it for a while if only to force a smile. And I won't let it go. You're a hard act to follow. You stole the show.
Track Name: Hold On Two
Well if you're looking for temptation it's out there. And if you need a small vacation from me well I no longer care. And I hope you find what you're looking for if it's not here. But I'm not in the business of second chances my dear. And if you're looking for attention, it shows. And if you're looking for an answer baby I'd have to say no. Cause you put me on the spot, so I'll put you in your place. And right now that's anywhere but in my face. It's one thing to speak and another to believe it. My mouth is open but my heart is screaming. All I really want is the truth cause I can handle anything but losing you. Everyone needs someone to hold on to. And no I don't want to gamble away my only chance with you. Everyone needs someone to hold on to. And mine used to be you. Well if you came here for a do-over, well I'm fresh out. And if you came here just to make me feel like shit then why don't you get the hell out. I don't need to be reminded of the choices I have made. I have to live with them every day. I hope you're happy lying in the bed you've made. Two clenched fists smearing make-up up and down your face. The consequence of a decision made in haste, what a waste. One day you'll realize you had your part to play as well. When that will be I think might still be early to tell. Enjoy your ignorance cause baby knowledge is hell. And one day it hits you, the truth of the mistakes you've made. I hope it happens going 90 on the interstate.
Track Name: Second Nature
She calls you a liar, but you're only lying to yourself. And all the true things you told her, they sent her straight to someone else. And I know that you're angry, I know you're a little bit more than confused. But the longer you stick around the more opportunities there are to be abused. Honestly, you've got to go. Cross my heart out, write these words down and read it 'til the only thing that's left to do seems second nature. Cross my heart out, write these words down and read it 'til the only thing that's left to do is leave. I know it's not simple, no equation to solve this dilemma. So let me put it more simply: you plus her equals a really fucking bad idea. Honestly, you should have known. And yeah my favorite part is when things are at their hardest I think back to the way I felt the day that this got started. She calls you a liar and she's right you've been lying to yourself. Since the day that you met her every smile has been a fake and honestly, it's not too late.
Track Name: Green Mustang
I was never a part of it but I wasn't opposed to it. And I do recall the few nights that fall when we almost got along. It's a strange phenomenon how your memory lives on in the hearts of us all when one day you're just kind of a dick and the next you're gone. And yeah you left us reeling and brought us back to town again. And we don't know what we're feeling cause we've lost another friend. We'll never know if it was that truck or the nose-full of those drugs, or the many mistakes took your mind off the brakes for one second too long. But the look in your mother's eyes, still immune to all your lies. I swore I'd never go back and I still haven't yet since the night that you died. And no one will ever find you now, now that all the lights are out. And no one will ever find you now, now that all the lights are out in our hometown. And I know I should be more sympathetic or whatever. They were your own choices to make. At least I'll never have to play the what-if game with myself. Yours was the path I didn't take.